Team Store




A few reminders:

** Note: Once registered, you will need to check your email for the secure link to the Team store. As soon as you are logged into the store, a small box will pop up and ask for your name and number.   Also- If you order a Youth Size Jersey- The numbers will smaller than Adult.  3inches on the front and 6 inches on the back.  This is our standard


Quick Notes:

  • -Stock Products(Anything that doesn’t have a logo, will ship out in 48 hours)
  • -Custom Items will ship 6 weeks after store open
    • Free Shipping on anything over $50
  • -Bats and Gloves are available for a team discount
    • No returns or exchanges on anything that is custom
    • Have a question?  You can reach out to



Note: On the Custom Salute Longs(JUST THE ELECTRIC BLUE)- These have a custom inseam length(Players can choose what length they want) I have also attached standard inseam lengths for this pant so if someone wants to match the standard White/Black Pinstripe pants.


PINSTRIPE PANTS- Have a Standard Inseam Length

MEN                     YOUTH